Certificate process for safety management

Certificate in Process Safety Management


Course Objectives

  • On completion of the course, participants will be able to give:
  • An awareness of and respect for Process Safety
  • Understanding of where process safety hazards exist
  • Understanding of the tools that can be used to properly assess and manage these risks
  • An understanding of the various aspects of a Process Safety Management, Leadership and Culture
  • An understanding of the role of Regulations in ensuring public, employee and environmental safety
  • To help learners to appreciate that it is important to “know what they don’t know” about process safety.

Course Aims

  • Understand the many aspects of Process Safety
  • Learn where to go to find guidance on hazards associated with substances and activities
  • Be aware of (and practice using) various tools for Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment
  • Understand the importance of understanding the Operating, Trip and Design parameters of processes and equipment
  • Understand the importance of identifying and managing the potential initiating events and control measures related to hazard scenarios
  • Understand the role of Hazard Analysis in Land Use Planning & risk reduction decisions
  • Understand the role of Human Factors and Competence in PSM
  • Understand the various aspects of a Safety Management System (& Major Accident Prevention Policy)
  • Understand the importance of Leadership, Safety Culture and ongoing evaluation of the Process Safety Management System

Course Leader

Trevor has been employed by many large companies working mainly in engineering before moving to a training environment. Trevor has 35+ years of experience in the Health and Safety industry. During this me Trevor have managed several large projects in Engineering, Oil and Gas, commercial and private sectors. Trevor has experience of managing resources and members of staff, also completed several management projects to improve Health and Safety performance.

Fully qualified engineer who has delivered Health and Safety training for all types of organizations including international companies, local Government, chemical companies and many production organizations. Trevor is championing the course of Health and Safety globally hence the introduction of ABIOSH to provide professional qualifications fit for purpose.

Trevor has been awarded as December 2019 SPOTLIGHT Member by American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP) Given his safety career path and having the distinction of being the most remote member of ASSP. COURSE LEADER WILLIAM TREVOR MILLER

This course introduces the PSM architecture (written Programme, roles and responsibilities, implementation including training, record keeping and auditing). The course explores all 14 key elements (parts) of a comprehensive PSM programme and how the overall architecture applies to each. Links between elements and integration with existing and sometimes overlapping current company policies – such as quality and reliability programmes are also discussed. It provides an in – depth study of each PSM element requirements into other corporate programmes and evaluating programme compliance throughout the implementation phase. The course also covers how to expand your PSM programme to include the RBPS (risk based process safety) elements. The course will also cover every aspect of auditing from gathering data via records and interviews, keeping notes, report wring and making recommendations.

Who can Attend?

  • HSE professionals; Compliance Auditors 
  • Operations and Safety Managers 
  • Process / Safety / Mechanical Engineers 
  • Environmental Management and Technicians 
  • PSM Implementation Team Members 
  • Operations and Maintenance Staff 
  • Process reliability staff; Quality Control Managers and Staff; 
  • Process quality control / assurance staff 
  • PSM Coordinators and Quality Compliance Auditors


Course Contents

  • Employee Participation 
  • Process Safety Information 
  • Operating Procedures 
  • Hot Works Permit / Safe Work Practices 
  • Training
  • Contractors
  • Process Hazard Analysis 
  • Management of Change 
  • Mechanical Integrity 
  • Pre-Startup Safety Review
  • Emergency Planning and response
  • Incident Investigation / Root cause analysis
  • Compliance Auditing
  • Trade Secrets
  • Management Commitment and Accountability
  • Auditing for Process and Risk Management plan
  • Writing effective operating and maintenance procedures
  • Practical application which involve wring a PSM Implementation Plan for a chosen process taking into consideration the 14 elements of Process safety Management.


In House Training

Create your own custom – made – training Mastery is a multi disciplinary training company. We provide tailor made in-house solutions for our clients which is aimed at helping them accomplish their short term and long term strategic goals and requirements. Our in-house training programs are designed to develop the skills of individuals that increase the productivity of the team and the quality of product/ services. 

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Location & Date

  • Date : 1 - 3, Jun 2020
  • Language : English
  • Venute : Zagreb, Croatia

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